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Kingsgate Electronic Services supplies Radio communication equipment and systems, office equipment, VIP protection equipment, covert surveillance equipment, batteries, portable transceivers, satellite communications, anti-piracy, maritime surveillance, safety and security equipment and professional navigation equipment.


Our Company operates in the following markets:


- Fixed/Mobile/Portable Radio Equipment in all bands

- Accessories for the above including batteries, antennae, chargers, earpieces, headsets etc.

- Anti-Piracy Equipment (Radar systems for land and sea stations)

- World-wide communications using H.F SSB

- Computer Hardware, including servers, desktops, laptops and printers

- Computer Network Equipment including switches, routers, UPS etc.

- Satellite Equipment, including terminals and satellite phones (VSAT)

- Base Station Radio antennae, towers and coaxial cables

- Cabinets for computer servers/radio base station etc.

- Covert encrypted radio communications

- Customized GPS handheld units with specific military approved mapping tailored for the specific             country

- Repair and maintenance of all types of radio communication and related equipment

- Security equipment for Law Enforcement Organisations

- Maritime navigation equipment

- Maritime security and safety equipment

- Remote Monitoring equipment inc: climate control, intrusion detection, equipment status, alarms             messaging, triggering, equipment failure information, etc.

- Equipment backup systems such as: Solar Systems with Batteires and controllers, Inverters,                   Converters, Outdoor cabinets, backup IP monitoring systems, Redundancy Power Generators, ATS       and other.

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